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Brantano: Fit a 1.000 shoes in just one click!

In collaboration with Planet Of Commerce, Brantano(FNG) has launched their renewed webshop on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The new Brantano webshop lets the customer fit his shoes online. Now a customer can fit 1000+ shoes with one click. The process is as follows: the customer can visit one of the Brantano stores to get a footscan. When the customer logs in to the webshop, he/she can choose a filter which will only show the shoes that will match with the customers footscan. This feature will give the Brantano customers more certainty when buying shoes online and so this will also decrease the number of returns.

There is also a selfmatch screen in-store, which gives the customer the ability to scan a shoe and match this with his personal footscan. Doing so the customer knows exactly which size he/she has to collect for that specific shoe model and is granted the ability to check whether his/her size is still in stock in the current or any nearby stores.

As the customer of today is expecting an omnichannel experience, we integrated with all exisiting back-end systems which gives the customer a consistent experience across all channels.

Planet Of Commerce enables JBC to play in the Digital Champions League for fashion with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

In collaboration with Planet of Commerce, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud competence center of the Cronos Group, under the wings of Xplore Group, JBC launched a totally renewed webshop which simplifies and boost shopping, both online and offline through in-store kiosks. JBC aims to digitally compete at top level and offer their core target group, young families, a “first-in-class" customer experience.

We chose for a mobile first approach, and strong focus on search capabilities.  Thanks to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s built-in Artifical Intelligence tool, Einstein, JBC can now offer personalised content and customer specific product recommendations, boosting sales. To be able to offer the customer a true omnichannel experience, all existing back-end systems have been integrated making sure customers are getting a consistent and unified shopping experience across web, mobile, and in-store.


Connect with the modern shopper anytime, anywhere! Partnered with Salesforce we enable retailers to create and coordinate shoppers’ online experiences and create personalized, intelligent shopper journeys, wherever shoppers roam across mobile, social, digital, and store.


Partnered with Amplience, the Retail Engagement Platform, we can offer our clients a single platform to manage all content types - rich editorial features and blogs, shoppable videos and lookbooks, rich product configurators, dynamic media and personalized campaign content.

Xplore Group
Xplore Group

Part of Xplore Group, delivering consultancy and fully integrated end-to-end digital solutions to our clients for e-commerce, product & content management, mobile development, marketing automation, data science, integration expertise and hosting & managed services.

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